Colorado trip

Hay I’m going to Colorado and you are going to enjoy this post! So today we’re leaving I just got up and it’s like four. Now I’m so excited I hope you guys enjoy. We’re heading out, I got my bag packed, it has everything, from binoculars to diary’s. My grandparents live in Colorado so it’s nice to see them. They have swing at there house and this cool above house room. I’m just really excited. Okay now we’re getting in the car and soon going to be at the airport. To the next paragraph:

In the car.

Hi guys I’m hanging in the car. The suns not up yet so it’s really beautiful. I think we’re the only car out here. Look we’re almost there oooh it’s real pretty, look at that tall building, I wish I could get a picture for you. Look we’re almost almost almost there. And we’re here.

At the airport.

Hi guys! I’m at the airport! So we’re actually going to Chicago first and then Colorado. Have you ever been to Chicago? Well it seems fun. I’ve never been. I hope you like my pics of Chicago. Okay then, we are heading toward this restaurant, are parent order us Parfaits. There’s me: Oh sorry I couldn’t get it.

Okay fast forward to later we’re here ordering stuff at Starbucks now we come back to our regular spot , oh and now we’re boarding. Now we’re on, on the plane:

On the plane:

Hi guys! I’m on the plane! Happy plane ride oh I could take a nap in this! Let me show you! :

Hello friends!

In Colorado

Hello guys I just got of the plane and I arrived at we’re I’ll be staying! So you might get some posts about what I’m doing here but for now bye🖐🏼see you next time! Bye!


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