Ten costumes to consider for Halloween.

Hi welcome back! So my fave holiday the perfect thing for you’re kid or you, the holiday everyone loves…Halloween! Is around the corner, you are in luck, cause I’ve got a bunch of good costumes for you. Let’s start with some of my favorites.

1th just be yourself. If you’re not feeling like it no ones forcing you.

So that’s what I’ve got today. See you next time on G.I.R.L. 🖐🏼 bye.


Author: Asp Raven-Clay

I have a lot of activities. My favorite state is New York. My favorite color is black. My favorite sport is gym/volleyball. My favorite movie is next gen. My favorite book is Harry Potter.My favorite actor is Zendaya. My best friend is a girl named Rose. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. My name is Asp Raven-Clay. Cali wander is the person most like me, and I know her as a friend.

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